Though gone, they are not forgotten.

Though absent, they remain in spirit.

Though once workers, they now rest.



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Mass State Chapel

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Welcome to the Mass Good Sam Chapel. Our State Chaplain, <vacatant> holds a Memorial Service for all members gone before us at the annual Mass Good Sam Family Rally.

We are currently looking for a new State chaplain – if you know of a good candidate or want to volunteer – please contact Joe Cavossa.

We invite you to submit the name and photo of any deceased member since the last Rally.

May 2016 – May 2017


   Ellen M. (Morrison) Goguen – Former Treasurer, Mass Good Sam – 2/2017

   Al Borrelli – 1/2017

   Sylvia Dion – Good Sam Pioneers – 6/2016

   George Dion – Good Sam Pioneers – 8/2016

   Normand Paquin – Sociable Sams – 7/2016

   Helen Canesi – Sociable Sams – 3/2017

   JoAnn Atack – Sociable Sams – 4/2017

   Walter Gobeille – Sociable Sams – 1/2017

   Richard Haskins – Happy Sams – 10/2016

   Stan Hodgeman – Past VT State Director – 8/2016

   Charles Ellsworth – Yankee Doodle Sams – 5/2017

   Ray Blackmore – Sunshine Wheelers – 6/2016

   Beverly Davignon – Sunshine Wheelers – 10/2016

   Dave Allen – Nature Lovers – 8/2016

   Don Pringle – Yankee Doodle Sams – 7/2016

   Pat Collard – Mohawk Trail – 5/2017

   Bill Boutwell – Mohawk Trail – 11/2016


 May 2015 – May 2016


   Rawleigh Fletcher – Champlain Valley Roadrunners – 3/2016

   Paul Porazzo – Sams Cape Codders, Big Blue, Wheelers, Cocheco Sams – 4/2016

   Scott Frizzell – NH – 1/2016


 May 2014 – May 2015


  Bette St. Martin – Former Mrs. State Director, Happy Times Sams – 6/2014

 May 2013 – May 2014


  Joanne Murray – Member Happy Time Sams & Country Time – 4/2014

 May 2012 – May 2013


  Wayne Eldridge – Member North Shore Clam Diggers – 3/2013

 May 2011 – May 2012


  Leo G. Duguette

  Lenny Kay – Ocean grove

  Dot ReBello – Happy Wanders

  Loretta Henry – Happy Sams

  Tina Castalow – NH Wheelers

  Dot Cullen – Mohawk Trail

  Jay McDuffie – Mohawk trail

  Arlene L. Dallon – Lawrence MA

  Scott Fuller – Member of Fox's Den

  Ron Jette-Happy Sams,

  Pat Hooker,CT Asst. Director(nurse),

  George Franz, N.J. Past State Director

  Mac McPherson, CT Seaport Sams

  Ed Chase, CT Sociable Sams

  Stephanie Munley,(Daughter)Mohawk Trail

  Justine McDuffy, Mohawk Trail

  David Crockett - Mass Good Sam

  Frank Drouse-NH Wheelers

  Charlotte Trudel - NH Wheelers

  Stanley Micinitis-Happy Sams 

  Sheila Gage- NH Blazsrs

  Larry Mott-Sam's Cape  Codders

  Elioese Bristle

  Alan Halburg

  Bob Burirge


 May 2010 – May 2011



 May 2009 – May 2010


  Edgar Loiselle –  Fox's Den 5/2010

  Joan Williamson – Fox's Den 5/2010

  George Sincel – North Shore Clamdiggers – 6/2009

  John Peterson – North Shore Clamdiggers -  9/2010

  L. McMaster – Fox’s Den – 9/2010

  Frank Sulfaro – Norwood, MA – 12/2010

  Mike Pagliuca – Fox's Den


 May 2008 – May 2009


  Alan "Chris" Dawson,     Fox's Den

  James "Jim" Hudson, North Shore Clamdiggers

  Gene Henehan, Happy Time Sams

  Frank Locklin, Happy Time Sams

  Maurice Valois, Whaling City, Yankee Doodle, Friendship Int.

  Fran Steelman, Happy Time Sams

  Fred Stoddard, Berkshire Traverlers

  Don Ashland, NH Wanderers

  Violet Lyndon, Swinging Puckerbrushers(NH)

  Amie Rowe, NH Wheelers

  Bruce Allen, Otter Valley Sams (VT)

  Lloyd Weeks, Otter Valley Sams(VT)

  Carrie Guild. Rolling Wheels (VT)

  Frederick Schofield, Ocean Grove Sams,

  Bob Byron, Milford CT

  Leannie Auger, Wampanoag Sams,

  William Cleveland, Super Sams (NY)

  Charlie Rodriques, Whaling City Sams,

  Dick Pascuzzi Rolling Wheels (VT)

  Charlie Viera, Cape Codders,

  Connie Rippett,NH Roadrunners

  Ron Stochas, Rambling Recs,

  Lois VanNess Mohawk Trail

  Jackie Atkins, Winstad CT,

  Lee Medeirous, Happy Wanderers

  Miriam Adamo, Cape Codders


 May 2007 – May 2008


  Ken “Bud” Cook – Past President Sams Cape Codders – 7/2007

  Ike Richards – Member Fox’s Den – 10/2007

  Richard Enos – Member of Fox’s Den – 12/2007

  Kenneth F. Macolini – Member of Fox’s Den – 1/2008

  Don Mondeau – Assistant State Wagon Master (Country Time Sam's)  01/2008

  Jim Homes – V.P. Wampanoag Sams

  Vinnie Doyle, Salem, NH

  Donald Durante, South County Sams, RI

  Kenneth Timmins, Sr., South County Sams, RI

  Jack Beaumont, South County Sams, RI

  Arthur (Art) Rondeau, Friendship Sams International

  Maurice Luzon, Sams Cape Codders

  Robert (Bob) Letrendre, Narragansett Sams

  Manny Sylvia, Whaling City Sams

  Paul Hale, NY State Super Sams

  Daniel Whaite, NY Adirondack Sams

  Robert (Bob) Bruce, NH Good Sam Blazers

  Violet Lyndon, NH Puckerbrushers

  Donald Ashland, NH Wanderers

  Pat Discola, Friendship Sams International

  Phillip VanNess, Mohawk Trail/Friendship


May 2006 – May 2007


     Charlotte Carlsen, Former Mrs State Director – 8/2006





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