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UPDATE from Team Ella: (2/1/2017)

Happy Wednesday! It being the first of February, I thought I would start this month with some long overdue thank you notes to everyone who is part of Team Ella. (I wish I could do them like Jimmy Fallon. I'll save that for my video on my blog) One group that I would like to thank is the Northeast Region of the Good Sam's RV club for sending us away to Florida last week. It was beyond kind and generous of them to raise money to send us to Disney. Seeing my girls at Disney, sharing laughs and ice cream was awesome. Seeing them in the pool together for the first time since Ella's "event" was amazing. Watching them cuddle up and snore away in bed together after a fun filled day in the sunshine...priceless. So thank you to everyone who donated money, timeshare, spending money etc. You made our family feel so happy and grateful. More pictures to follow from my "real" camera.https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v7/f96/1/16/1f49c.png


While sitting in the “Meet Your State Directors” booth at The Rally in Syracuse NY in 2013, two State Directors from the Northeast region came up with a way to raise money for the Big Brother Big Sister program. It was called The Great Race, it consisted of the Maine potato named Chip and the Rhode Island quahog named Pearl that would race in a 100 inch dash. The object was, for every dollar raised, either chip or pearl (whichever state raised that dollar) would move forward one inch. Well this concept caught on and the rest of the region joined in with the even held at each Rally (big campout). Until 2015 when the region decided instead of raising money for Big Brother Big Sister, we would instead find a child or young person with a wish and do our best to make it come true.


Well we found a 15 year-old young woman name Kylee that had a dream of swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii. Kylee suffers from Stargardt disease, which is an inherited form of juvenile macular degeneration that causes progressive vision loss, usually to the point of legal blindness. The region wanted to send her to Hawaii so she could see the Beautiful countryside as well as swim with the Dolphins.  The fundraising began in Massachusetts at the first Rally of the season and Ended in Maine. Then In September at the Southern New England Family Fall Fest held at Normandy Farms in Foxborough, MA. The Northeast region presented Kylee and her family with her dream come true as they joined us for the weekend staying in a URT donated by the Daniels family and Normandy Farms Family RV Resort. Even though the region gave it a valiant effort to send Kylee to Hawaii, it proved to be a little bigger feat then even we could do. Therefore, we decided to send the family to Florida. Where they stayed at a beautiful resort, donated by a generous Good Sam member. She swam with the dolphins at Sea World and spent a few days at Disney. The Northeast Region and the Tracy Family would like to thank all of the Good Sam folk that made this possible. As well as Normandy Farms RV Resort for their generous donation.


At the 2016 Northeast Good Sam State/Provincial Directors meeting, two girls where presented to the directors for this year’s Halo’s Wish campaign. It was a very heart wrenching decision to choose IMG_1462only one of these little girls. Aubrey was born with half a heart, after many surgeries and long stays in the hospital the family finally thought they were seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. However, that light was another train; Aubrey was diagnosed with leukemia and started a battle with childhood cancer. This little girl has a soul like one we have never seen in a child and a smile that will melt your heart. Ella, a young girl that was perfectly healthy until one afternoon while attending a pool party started complaining of a headache and just wanted to go home. The parents took her to the hospital to be checked out and the doctors discovered that Ella had a brain hemorrhage and the battle began to save her. She is wheelchair bound at this point but with extensive therapy Ella has begun to get her motor functions back ever so slowly and only time will tell how far she will go. Meeting Ella for the first time at the third annual Southern New England Fall Fest her smile and laughs are infectious. With the love and generosity of the attendees of MA, CT, and RI Rallies, Halo’s Wish raised enough money to send the first child Aubrey to Disney, fulfilling her dream to meet the princesses. Continuing on, Halo’s Wish was moving forward to start raising money for the next child Ella. Well as of the closing of the Maine Rally in September, Halo’s Wish raised enough funds to send both families to Florida for a week. At the Southern New England Fall Fest Halo’s Wish presented both the Silva and Coburn families with dreams come true. Halo’s Wish would like to take also thank Clint Ramsden, the owner of Ashaway RV Resort in Bradford, RI for donating a rental cabin to the Coburn family to stay in so they didn’t have to travel back to Maine that night.


Halo’s Wish would be nothing without the support of the entire Northeast Region State and Provincial Directors, the Chapters within this region, Camping World, The Good Sam Club and all of the attendees of our Rallies. It humbles us to realize the company we keep and the lifelong friends we have made. The Good Sam spirit you have all showed as this campaign of giving back to the community grows is heartwarming and we THANK all of you sincerely for making this possible.


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